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Game Developers Conference 2019

Go Global attended the Game Developers Conference Expo in San Francisco last month. This event is super global. The neighborhood gets filled with GDC badges. Past 5pm, the nearby hotel lobbies turn into small GDC after office hangouts. If you are a late bird, you can join dinners and networking parties every night. Depending on […]

Interview with one of our Project Managers

The internal team of Go Global is made up of more than 20 professionals, including human resources, administration, billing, the area of operations and customer service. Our goal is for our team to feel motivated in their work, and we try to provide the tools and means necessary to make the work environment pleasant for […]

Go Global Recognized Among Latin America’s Largest Language Service Providers

Market research firm Common Sense Advisory recognizes Go Global for third consecutive year as a leader in $46.52 billion global translation, localization, and interpreting services industry Buenos Aires, December 12, 2018 – Go Global announced today its official ranking as one of the largest language service providers (LSPs) in the global translation and interpreting industry. […]

South Summit 2018: an innovative experience

This year, Go Global attended the South Summit 2018 in Madrid, Spain. The South Summit is the Innovation Leader Global Platform that aims to connect innovative startups from Europe and Latin America with investors and companies from all over the world. At this event, thousands of startups submit their innovative ideas in a competition, looking […]

Omen of Sorrow is going global: Ready to play?

by Daniela Marino We have completed the localization into several languages of this amazing Play Station video game. The name is Omen of Sorrow and it is developed by a talented team from Chile called A One. This game has all the right condiments to succeed in the global stage. The cast is about a […]

GCBG HQ Moves to Singapore

Posted by: GCBG Singapore, May 2018 – In May 2018, GCBG moved its HQ back to Singapore. This is a homecoming of sort for the alliance as GCBG was formed and registered in Singapore back in 2009. The decision to move the corporate HQ to Singapore was made during the AGM in London in 2017. […]

Ideal Translator Profile

By Nicolás Franchini A frequent question in the world of translation is often linked to the characteristics that a translator must possess in order to perform a very good translation. Of course, there is no single correct answer, because the ideal translator depends on several factors. A translator can be very good to work in […]

Did you know that “sweeten the pill” has a purely scientific origin?

Translation in the Field of Life Sciences By Sonia Rodríguez Mella The popular expression “sweeten the pill” is used to disguise or lessen in a way any bad news or damages. The Oxford Dictionary and the Cambridge Dictionary include among their entries “sweeten the pill to someone”, like a colloquial verbal phrase with the following meanings: […]

How Machine Translation and Post-Editing Can Help you

How Machine Translation and Post-Editing Can Help you Reach the Market Faster by Leandro Nunzio Today’s fast-paced world is strengthened by technology and the Internet, producing more and more information at an increasingly faster pace. Therefore, it is important to have solutions that let you embrace these changes and, at the same time, make progress […]