Multilingual services for expanding the reach of your audio and video content

Transform your multimedia content into a strategic asset to connect with your global audiences.

Discover the power of a global voice

The business world is digital, global, and transmedia. It’s not about the medium or the message anymore: the challenge is to have a relevant conversation one that helps you build trust over time.

We’ve been helping large companies localize their multimedia content in all languages for over a decade now. We achieve our clients’ goals by combining audiovisual translation expertise with agile project management to ensure efficiency and quality.

audio and video minutes localized each month
certified experts in all languages and specialties

Our multimedia language services

Our audiovisual and subtitling experts will assist you in choosing the most effective solution for your audiences.

Closed captioning and subtitling services

Adding subtitles and captions in multiple languages expands the reach of your audiovisual content all over the world and makes it accessible to people with hearing loss.

Speech to text transcription and translation

Transforming audio into written form and translating it is a versatile solution for many projects, from academics to SEO. We work with proprietary technology managed by specialists.


Voice-over enables video localization for audiences and topics in which subtitling is not the best option. It is currently a highly demanded service for corporate videos and e-learning solutions such as webinars and online courses.

Other services that may interest you

Specialized translation

  • Medical translation
  • Legal translation
  • Creative translation
  • Software translation and localization
  • Machine translation and post-editing
  • Multilingual SEO validation
  • Linguistic validation 
  • Multilingual desktop publishing


  • On-video interpretation
  • Over the phone interpretation
  • In-person interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation

Data solutions

  • Multilingual data collection
  • Data annotation
  • Transcription and translation

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