Game Developers Conference 2019

Go Global attended the Game Developers Conference Expo in San Francisco last month.

This event is super global.

The neighborhood gets filled with GDC badges. Past 5pm, the nearby hotel lobbies turn into small GDC after office hangouts.

Game Developers Conference

If you are a late bird, you can join dinners and networking parties every night.

Depending on your reason to attend the event, you can get a different experience.

Game Developers Conference

If you are a gamer, you will have fun. You will get to play games that are well known, some that are coming out soon, some that may never be commercialized but they are creative inventions. There was even a Retro section. You can also talk to the developers of most games and get a taste for what happens behind the scenes.

Game Developers Conference

If you are a game developer, you will find plenty of information at your fingertips. Whatever technology or solution you are looking for, there’s a booth for it and experts to talk to about it.

As you walk around the venue, you can stop by and listen to open talks that are happening all the time – some given by the big guys like Google, Play Station, etc.

Game Developers Conference

One day is not enough to walk around the entire venue if you are just visiting the expo.

If you are attending the technical talks going on all day, every day – you will need at least 3 days at the event.

The atmosphere is very inclusive, professional and colorful. No matter where you are from, what language you speak, how creatively dressed you are, all are welcome.

Game Developers Conference

¡Fue una experiencia excelente!

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