Cookies Policy

The companies comprising Go Global (hereinafter, “Go Global”), the owner of this Website, hereby inform you that we do not collect or gather any personal data of our Users through the cookies we use. The purpose of using cookies is to provide an excellent browsing experience to you and improve our services based on how you use any posted content or the different website sections you access.

1. General Information

a) What you should know about cookies

Cookies are small files that store information on the mobile devices of Users who visit our Website.

Cookies are associated with the browser of a specific computer or device. Thanks to the use of cookies, Go Global may recognize Users’ browsers after they visit our Website for the first time, thus determining their browsing preferences. These preferences can then be evaluated and used as indicators to improve our content and the browsing experience on the Website.

b) The cookies we use at Go Global

The table below includes the details, purpose, type and classes of cookies that we have deployed on our Website. For your understanding, you need to know the definition of proprietary and third-party cookies:

Third-Party Cookies: They are managed by other companies and placed on your terminal device from their computers and/or domains.

Proprietary Cookies: They are managed by our company and placed on your terminal device from our computers.


2.1. The Types of Cookies We Use

Cookie ID Purpose Expiration Date Proprietary or Third Party Responsible Party
enterSend   Session Third party LinkedIn
lidc To integrate the LinkedIn service on the web. 1 day Third party LinkedIn
bcookie To integrate the LinkedIn service on the web. 1 year Third party LinkedIn
mp_mixpanel It analyzes the traffic and, particularly, how visitors arrive at the Website. 1 year Proprietary Go Global
AMCVS_ It is a variation of the AMCV_ cookie. Session Third party LinkedIn
AMCV_ It contains information about a visitor’s ID and location. 2 years Third party LinkedIn
sdsc It allows using the LinkedIn application. Session Third party LinkedIn
GMAIL_RTT It allows visitors to share on Google+. Session Third party Google
NID To improve the User’s browsing experience. 6 months Third party Google
OGPC It stores the user’s preferences and information while the pages are viewed using Google maps. 2 months Third party Google
1P_JAR It recaptures information about the User’s browsing behavior on the Website. Analytics. 1 month Third party Google
SID It distinguishes Users. 1 month Third party Google
UserMatchHistory It analyzes ads. 6 months Third party LinkedIn
_ga It distinguishes Users. 2 years Proprietary Go Global
_ga It distinguishes Users. 2 years Third party LinkedIn
_gid It distinguishes Users. 1 day Proprietary Go Global
CONSENT It requests the consent from the User for the use of cookies by the Website owner.  19 years Third party Google
S Third party Third party Google
Pll_language It stores the language chosen while browsing the website. 1 year Proprietary Go Global
DV It collects anonymous browsing information. Session Third party Google
lang To integrate the LinkedIn service on the web. Session Third party LinkedIn

2.2. Warning about the Use of Cookies and Other Spamming Techniques

As a User, you are informed about the existence of cookies on our Website for easy Website use and browsing. Now, you can set your browser so that a screen notice pops up when cookies are received in order to prevent cookie storage on your hard disk.

If you have any questions, you may find more information in Section 4 of this document. For additional information, you may also see your browser instructions and manuals.

You do not need to enable cookie storage to use and/or browse our Website. As a result of this, however, you may be unable to access some services and/or sections of the Website.

You should also know that Go Global does not use spamming techniques and that any data provided by the User using electronic contact forms, email messages and/or content provided through Website services will only be used for the purposes stated in our Legal Notice and our Privacy Policy.

3. Acceptance of Cookies on Our Website

Under the applicable rules regarding cookies, Users must be informed about the use, type and purpose of cookies before their browsing experience on our Website. This is why we have implemented a disclosure notice that pops up after you access our Website to provide you with express and prior information in compliance with said legal requirement.

It is important that you bear in mind that this notice will give you two options: 1) you may access this disclosure notice, and 2) you may accept the placement of cookies on your terminal device.

As a User, if you do not accept the use of cookies and continue browsing our Website, we will understand that you have given an implied consent to place and use the cookies described in the previous section.

4. How Can You Remove Cookies From Your Browser?

If you would like to remove the cookies from your browser, we provide a few links you may visit depending on the type of browser installed in your terminal device.

Google Chrome:


Mozilla Firefox:

Internet Explorer:


We should warn you that, after you remove the cookies from your browser, you may find it difficult or be unable to access and/or browse certain sections of our Website.

5. About Social Media Cookies

Finally, we would like to tell you that our Website does not manage the social media and/or third-party platforms, such as Facebook, in which Go Global participates. Therefore, Go Global is not liable for any cookies installed by said platforms.

As a User of our Website, you must read the Privacy and Cookies Policies of said social media in order to know the types and purposes of cookies and decide whether to accept them or reject them.

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