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Going global is taking the lead. It is believing that something exciting awaits those willing to accept the challenge.

Going global is embracing change. It is seeking something extraordinary in the ordinary and finding something familiar in the unexpected. It is understanding that standard recipes don’t work anymore.

Going global is sharing knowledge. It is using technology to make great people greater. It is seeing the bigger picture while remaining aware of the nuances. It is living by the idea that we need to understand and trust each other to create powerful things.

It is realizing that we live in the world as much as the world lives in us, and that the way to grow stronger is by doing so together.

We are language service experts

We’ve been helping leading companies communicate globally for over a decade, in which we’ve built solid expertise and a culture of high-value delivery. We provide a broad range of linguistic solutions in translation, localization, and interpretation services, and we manage the whole process to ensure high-quality and efficient results.

We are strategic business partners

We think of languages as strategic global assets and approach each project as a way to support our clients’ business goals. Working with agile methodologies enables us to customize our teams to meet each challenge and ensure top-level outcomes at any scale.

“What sets Go Global apart is our solution-focused mindset. This continuous willingness to improve our service, optimize our processes, and update our technology makes us flexible and allows us to always be ahead of our industry. It is not about looking for novelty for its own sake, but about knowing and confirming every day that innovation, when associated with a focus on solutions, is a proven path to quality.”

Gabriela Roselló, COO and co-founder


Innovation, leadership, and passion

Gabriela Roselló and Paula Ferrari founded Go Global in 2009. After a couple of years of working separately for translation companies and together as consultants, they envisioned a way to bring their passion for cultures, their friendship, and their entrepreneurial spirit together: a language service company made by business people to help other business people grow a global voice.

The idea was simple but powerful: combining the best linguistic talent and the latest technology in a solution-oriented service for global businesses. By 2010, the company was operating in North and South America with offices in the USA and Argentina. In 2016, it joined the Global Communications Business Group (GCBG). In 2017, the company arrived in Europe with an office in Spain.

Over a decade and 20 thousand projects completed later, Go Global keeps growing stronger. The team gets bigger, and so do the challenges, but the original purpose remains the same: language solutions for better business. As simple and powerful as it sounds.

Meet our leadership team

CEO and Co-founder

COO and Co-founder


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