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At Go Global, we drive your global content strategies by adding the power of translation and localization to your entire value chain.

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Translation and interpretation

We have translators and interpreters in all languages, and we offer specialized services with agile project management that ensures speed and quality.

Localization strategies

Our consultative approach allows us to transform languages into strategic assets, with results throughout the entire value chain.

Multimedia localization

We combine the effectiveness of localization with the dynamics and impact of video to create attractive and personalized contents.

Your business on a global scale with the strategic power of languages

The future of companies is global and digital, and the future is now. The technological transformation challenges companies with an ever increasing opening for economic and social opportunities. Operating at an international level requires developing global flexibility without overlooking sensitivity toward local cultures. More than ever, the key is to incorporate languages as a strategic asset in business plans.

At Go Global we understand the complexity of taking your business to a global scale. Large companies have been trusting us for more than a decade to translate and localize their content in all languages because we have the team, the knowledge, the processes, and the resources to provide quick tailored responses in increasingly diverse fields.

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Leading companies throughout the world trust us

ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited) is China’s largest multinational banking company and the largest bank in the world in terms of total assets.

We provide Spanish to English translation services for their online corporate banking solutions. As we complete the translations for the different modules, we perform linguistic tests on the product in the context of its use, in order to guarantee the quality of our work.

We have been working together with INVAP since 2015 and we have translated over 2,500,000 words into French, English, and Spanish for various projects related to nuclear energy.

Our international experience with project management has allowed INVAP to improve their processes and management of technical terminology, and maximize the added value of their internal resources for translations.

The implementation of translation technology also made it possible to maximize the consistency and coherence in terms of style and terminology, and the teams’ flexibility supported the evolution of the projects by providing a response to the high demand.

Since 2017, we have helped the entertainment industry giant with subtitling into English, Spanish, and Portuguese for movies, series, and TV shows. Some of Go Global’s projects include: CSI Miami and CSI New York, Robot Chicken 4, Broken Horses, Impractical Jokers, The Carbonaro Effect, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Hack My Life, Check it Out! With Steve Brule, Loiter Squad, Leatherface: the Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Black Sea, Jack and Jill, Hollywood One on One, Double Take, and The Commander.

Since 2015, we have worked together with the Marketing and Communications departments from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca Argentina. We have translated communication and design materials, such as presentations, brochures, and packaging materials in a variety of file formats, including design layout programs (PowerPoint presentations and InDesign projects). We also provide interpreting services for their corporate events.

For several years now, we have translated technical content for Mahindra Comviva, a leading mobile solutions company with clients in more than 90 countries. In addition to providing translation services in Spanish, English, and Brazilian Portuguese, we have created an exclusive translation memory which, over the years, has resulted in saving thousands of dollars as well as the client’s time, through benefiting from our discounts for recurring content and recognizing previously translated text.

Parabita is a European online store for women’s clothing that has become a reference for XL fashion in Spain. Since the middle of 2019, they have entrusted us with editing between 100 and 200 product descriptions in Spanish for their webpage.

The demand for creating specialized multilingual content with a quick-turnaround benefits from our solution-oriented approach and immediate response. The requests come in weekly, which is why agility is key for receiving and launching the projects, as well as the permanent availability of a dedicated team of native editors who are familiar with the fashion industry.

Since 2018, we are the exclusive provider of English, Chinese, and Korean interpreters for the Transcultural Medical Assistance Program (Programa de Asistencia Médica Transcultural, PAMT). PAMT seeks to minimize the differences in languages, habits, and customs between doctors and patients to improve the quality of care in culturally diverse populations.

The success of the program lies in the innovative incorporation of interpreters to help with medical consultations. After rigorous training, the Professional Health Interpreters (PHI) become true cultural mediators for health, reinforcing the inclusion of foreign patients in the system.

A company that is specialized in solutions for commercial verification, SheerID has a presence in 200 countries. Their services are key for presenting brand names that pursue quality ties through personalized experiences.

At Go Global, we help them with a dynamic and tailored backing, and since 2018, we have provided them with localization services to translate their business from English into more than 30 languages.

The videogame industry has some of the largest growth in recent years on a global level, and linguistic services are a key support for their successful development.

As part of this phenomenon, in 2017 and 2018, we performed localization services for the prestigious independent Chilean company A One Games, from English into ten languages, to support the company’s global expansion.

Pampa Films is an Argentine cinematography company that produces and co-produces original national and international feature films for movies, TV, and streaming platforms.

Since the beginning of 2019, we have translated films from and to several languages, such as Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English. Our translations are done through audio (as opposed to script), watching the films in order to capture and convey integrated and complete meaning. Our work is used in subtitling, dubbing, and filming in other languages.

Options Counseling and Family Services offers family assistance services in eleven counties in the state of Oregon, United States. In 2019, we became of one of their providers for on demand in person interpretation services, so that patients and clients who speak other languages in addition to English can get the services they need.

Getviews Argentina is an audiovisual service company, based out of five countries in Latin America. In 2018 and 2019, we provided simultaneous interpretation services at conferences for audiovisual projects related to the tourism industry, with a dedicated team of Portuguese speaking interpreters. The client had their multimedia teams for transmitting the conference via streaming, and Go Global supported the linguistic resources for the interpretations.

Consult Pharma is an international editorial services company specialized in developing scientific materials in the fields of health and medicine, directed mainly at doctors and specialists.

Go Global has supported them since 2017, providing translation, editing, and proofreading services for highly specialized medical texts. The training and expertise of our professionals and the development of translation memories have been key to be able to meet the quality, large volume, and demanding turnaround time needs.