LocWorld32 – Montreal 2016: “Engaging Global Customers”

localization worldbyDaniela Marino

This year I represented Go Global at Localization World, it took place in Montreal Canada.

First off, I adored the Canadian culture and their sense of equality and integration. The colors of Fall on the hills were fantastic and the city of Montreal felt like a refreshing and safe place to be.

por Daniela Marino

About the event: The attendees were mostly Language Service Providers from around the globe and there were also some big players like Amazon, Facebook, Intuit, Microsoft, etc.

localization world

It’s exciting to watch innovation of tools and processes constantly being born and demonstrated at these types of events.

When attending conferences, I’m always curious about the new questions that we’ll get that challenge us to think of new solutions. I got a few of those, loved it. I loved it even more that some of the answers are things that Go Global is already brewing which demonstrates that we’re thinking ahead at a good rate. The market that we serve is so vast and rapidly changing that we have to keep moving – and that’s the way we like it, never boring.

localization world

The level of professionalism of everyone was exquisite.

Familiar faces were a pleasure to see. As time goes by, we get to connect more as human beings, which has excellent benefits on daily business interactions. Also in these types of events there are people who travel the world and whose thoughts are very enriching.

localization world

Once again I felt the passion and drive of those in the industry which is how we at Go Global feel about what we do. I also loved the time listening to those who had so much influence in how the community operates today.

I sensed healthy collaborative competition that pushes us to be better every day.

localization world

The venue was great and the logistics well organized.

The sessions were diverse and relevant to everyone involved in localization. They ranged from technical, to motivational, to operational and some of them allowed for face to face discussions and for us to share experiences. They were also relevant for the different maturity levels that localization companies may be in.

There was time for exploring and meeting new people whether it was during the pre-conference and conference days or at night at the opening reception, cocktail and dinner night where we exchanged ideas about the world, our views, our future as well as the role that we play in society and business.

localization worldIt was a very positive experience and I’m looking forward to representing Go Global at the next LocWorld!

See you all in Barcelona or San Francisco!

localization world