Interview with one of our Project Managers

The internal team of Go Global is made up of more than 20 professionals, including human resources, administration, billing, the area of operations and customer service. Our goal is for our team to feel motivated in their work, and we try to provide the tools and means necessary to make the work environment pleasant for everyone.

Seeing the members of our team grow and progress is a great satisfaction for us. For this reason, we have interviewed our Project Manager Juan Pablo, who has been part of our team for a year and a half. In January, Juan Pablo obtained the Localization Project Manager Certification, granted by The Localization Institute.

juan pablo salinas

GG: Juan Pablo, what does it mean to have obtained the Localization Project Manager certificate?
JP: The certification is about the management of localization projects. Localization is the translation or adaptation of a text to a specific variation of a language, for example: Latin American Spanish. The course gives you tools and information about all the stages of a project. It also emphasizes communication between the client and the service provider, the lessons learned and the risk management, among others.

GG: How were you evaluated? What was taken into account to do it?
JP: I was evaluated with a two-hour timed test. It consisted of 75 multiple choice questions, some with several options to choose from and others with spaces to complete with the correct answer. An average of 70 % correct answers is required to pass the exam.

GG: Could you describe your role within the company?
JP: I work as a Project Manager and I have been recently offered the position of Quality Lead, in which I am in charge of the control and management of quality processes. This is just beginning and I am already very eager to learn and show that I am up to the task.

GG: How do you feel about obtaining this certificate?
JP: It makes me very happy that Go Global has given me the opportunity to develop in this career and the tools to do so. Obtaining this certification gives me even more motivation to continue growing as a professional. I am very grateful for the opportunity!

On behalf of the entire Go Global team, we congratulate Juan Pablo for this new achievement. Congratulations, Juan Pablo!

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