Interview to Go Global Trainees

entrevista pasantia go global

by Paula Ferrari

Paula: You have already gone through half of this six-month internship at Go Global. What is the most positive aspect of your experience?

Sofía: This has been my first work experience. I had tutored in some private lessons, but that is not the same. I appreciate how much I have learnt here. I also enjoyed working in an office, sharing with a team. I had never worked with other people before, so it was something new in that sense. Everyone was really nice to us since the beginning. And I learnt a lot as regards translation and project management, as I knew nothing about it.

Paula: What about you, Jose?

Jose: As Sofi said, we both learnt a lot. I knew nothing about CAT tools and now I’m learning to use almost all of them. There is the experience of working in an office, too. Working with a team, following a schedule, coming in every day. That is something I have never done before. Well, there is also the environment and work relationships with everyone. All of us get on very well. I’ve truly learnt a lot, and I actually feel really comfortable here. I like it.

Paula: What was the most challenging or difficult task that you had to perform and how did you experience that situation?

Sofía: Everything was a small challenge, because everything was new. They had to explain to me how to perform the most basic tasks. I also got used to finding solutions on my own. But the most challenging task, by far, was project management. It is hard; there is a lot of responsibility, but I like it.

Paula: What about you, Jose?

Jose: Yes, project management. Coping with the responsibility of delivering the final document, knowing that your name will be there and everything has to be perfect; well, that and the tasks related to document formatting, as well as handling deadlines. We have to deliver a project by a specific date and it has to be ready for such date. It is challenging.

Paula: Yes, absolutely. Project management is really different from a translator’s training.

Jose: Sometimes the client wants something specific, and what you have done is actually OK, but the client wants it a certain way, so you have to adapt.

Sofía: It is great to know all these things, regardless of what you want to do in the long run. Perhaps you want to work freelance in the future, but it’s good to see things from the other side, and realize how everything is for the project manager who works with you. You learn a lot as regards CAT tools, and get an in-depth knowledge of things in general. You realize how everything works, what it entails, and assimilate as much as you can.

Paula: Yes, you see the process a project goes through from another point of view.

Sofía: That is something I liked about this internship, the fact that we were able to do both translation and project management.

Jose: Before the beginning of this internship, we did not know what project management actually was. Later on, we found out about everything the PMs do here, which is quite a lot.

Paula: Yes, when we designed Go Global’s internship program, we wanted it to encompass six months during which you would be able to go through every area and perform every task, all kinds of projects and specialties. We want you to try everything so that you may discover what you like and did not even know existed.

Last question: How do you see yourselves five years from now?

Sofía: I am not so sure about the area I will be working in, because, by coming here, I discovered that I enjoy managing project. I like this other side of translation that I did not know existed, so I am not quite sure of what I will be doing in the future. I liked the idea of working in a company, of being in a place where there are other people, working in teams, so I picture myself working that way. Before coming here, I had the idea of becoming a freelancer, I don’t dare to say my whole life, but I pictured myself working alone, be it at home or at some place alone, and that changed my point of view a bit. I think that it would be great to work with a group of people. I also picture myself translating because it is my thing, what I like.

Paula: Paula: And what about you Jose, how do you see yourself?

Jose: The ideal thing for me would be translating in the morning and coming here in the afternoon, that would be like my perfect job. Having a part-time job, working as an in-house translator, helping to coordinate in an office and also working as a freelancer from home. Because I enjoy being with people, working with teams and I also like being quiet at home translating, I would like to combine both jobs.

Paula: To conclude, I wanted to ask you if you would recommend your colleagues to apply for an internship at Go Global.

Jose: Yes, I would recommend it, because they are going to learn a lot and will have an experience that goes beyond the work itself; one that they will find useful in a future. They are going to learn many things.

Sofía: Yes, maybe it is the fear that many of us have when we are studying, that it is to go out there, to undergo a working experience and not understanding anything; and here, as the internship is designed, the program takes into account that he or she has little knowledge or experience. So yes, I would definitely recommend it. You learn a lot and you learn it properly.

Paula: Thank you, girls! We are pleased to have you in our team.

entrevista pasantia go global