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Go Global! Networks at University of Buenos Aires Law School Event

stand Go Global en UBA

On April 8, Go Global! attended a Business Fair hosted by the School of Law. We were pleased to be invited to the event and jumped at the chance to participate. The fair continued online over the course of a week.

The most important law firms in Buenos Aires were represented and Go Global! was the only language services company in attendance.

The Law School not only teaches courses on becoming a Public Translator, but also offers a Master’s Degree program in Translation.

It was an excellent opportunity to talk with students enrolled in these programs, as well as exchange experiences and meet potential co-workers.

We are looking forward to similar opportunities in the near future at other universities.

stand go-global en uba

alc unconference

Representing go global at ALC unconference

  by Paula Alicia Ferrari

alc unconference

When I received the first e-mail from ALC promoting the unconference I thought “this seems different”. And I am happy to have confirmed that it certainly was.

We have been in the industry for some years and attended almost all conferences and events out there. They are great most of the times –especially when you like to travel- but the topics and speakers tend to become repetitive. Of course it is always good to network and put names on faces you work online all year long but, every now and then, I have listened to the same presentation at different events.

The unconference slogan was something like “topics by you”.

I have spent those three days absorbing information like a sponge. I had the chance to sit next to very important persons in the industry who would treat me like a pair. I also felt challenged to participate and speak, because participation in the unconference dynamics is something you cannot avoid.

The openness to share information was great. I also found many workaholics like me who are in the industry because they love what they do.

I come back with more questions than answers, which is awesome, because I truly believe that questioning ourselves is the key to success.

Questioning our comfortable position is what leads to growth and these are the questions I am working on:

1. Am I the most important person in the company?

2. What is our budget for Marketing and Sales out of our yearly revenue? How do we calculate that?

3. How is Go Global adding value to its clients?

4. What is our differentiator?

5. How do we align the vision of the company with the team goals?

6. How do we align individual goals with the company goals?

7. How do we balance personal life with work?

8. Do we have an exit plan in place?

Right after finishing the unconference, I started a draft for 2015 new goals for Vendor Manager and Quality Managers at Go Global.

When I attend these type of events, I am not looking for recipes or magical answers to all our challenges. I am just looking for something more valuable: Inspiration.

And I am happy to say that I was inspired at the unconference.

goglobal in alc unconference

go global! reaches 4,000 projects

4000-proyectos-2Effort, hard work and dedication behind 4,000 projects in Go Global

A toast to everyone! Here’s to more projects to come!

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