Success story: Yafue

International initiation – doing business from Brazil to Argentina

We’d like to briefly share the story of one of our current projects – it’s an online business in Brazil, called Enjoei, that has been rocking their market for years and they decided to start operating in Argentina, under the name of YaFue.

They are special in the feel of their brand, the way they communicate with their users and the role they play in their users’ lives.

yafue argentina

The team:

It was important that the brands personality was present in each word so we selected the perfect team with the client in a collaborative fashion. We started by sharing resumes, completed relevant translation tests, introduced the team to them and opened the channels of direct communication. We selected linguists who were closely in touch with the Brazilian culture, who could relate to the personality of the brand, who enjoyed creative translation and who were natives of AND living in Argentina.

We gave the client a Project Manager to work with and connected them with our Operations Manager.

Warming up:

We established a very natural relationship with the brand’s project manager, met someone from HR and got to meet one of their two founders.

Every piece of key information was being documented by us and we made sure to transfer it fully onto our team. We also organized a couple of training sessions that gave the linguists a chance to ask questions and feel comfortable with the product that they were about to translate.

The proofreader of the team has a strong background in writing and editing so she offered very valuable linguistic advice that the client welcomed.

Regarding workflows, we simply asked them what would work for them and planned our solution around that. It’s the first time this company is operating internationally, they already have enough on their plate – our goal is to get the work done well without them noticing us too much.

We know that if dedication is invested in setting up the project, it will be a smooth sailing.

Kick off and execution:

We started receiving the content and localizing it. Game was on.

An easy means for linguists to ask questions was defined.
We asked the client for feedback along the way.
It was also important to give the team reassurance as the project moved along.

It’s been four months since we started – the linguists are still loving the work and the client is still pleased.

On December we met with the client in person at our Buenos Aires office.

Ready to launch:

The website has launched their followers continue to grow week by week and we can’t wait to celebrate their success.

We’ve been telling our friends and family in Argentina about YaFue to help spread the word. Whenever we can go the extra mile, we do it. Check them out:

yafue argentina

More to come about this project – stay tuned!

One more comment – we are grateful for the trust that companies put in us when they choose Go Global to be their cross-culture message deliverers.