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We give our best for you to receive a world-class translation service.
Our team of professionals is specialized in the following industries:

We have implemented a complex selection, recruitment, training and follow-up process for translators which allows us to focus and specialize our teams in the following industries:


There is no margin for errors when we deal with information for patients, or the translation of adverse events in a clinical trial. At Go Global we understand the sensitivity and confidentiality of health-related information and constantly work to improve on our quality auditing processes.

Travel and Lodging

Inspire the buyer’s trust.

Go Global helps clients with website content, events and exhibitions, guides, marketing brochures, customer satisfaction surveys, online reviews and advice on vacation or travel rentals.

Legal Matters

If you need to translate and submit a legal document in record time, do not hesitate to contact Go Global

When it comes to legal deadlines, we understand the sense of urgency.

Learn more about the translation of public and private documents.

Software and IT Services

First we understand, and then we translate concepts such as “the Internet of things”, “big data” and “cloud computing”.

We not only translate your software or application, but also test functionality in the target language.

Learn more about our testing service.


Go Global helps you with highly technical projects in the energy industry, an industry where time, process, terminology and subject matter experience are quite sensitive.

Marketing Communications

You can achieve a consistent global message, perceived as local in every country. Go Global ensures that your message obtains the right response from your target audience.

Learn more about creative translation and DTP.


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