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Global Business Communications group (GCBG) is a joint venture business project initiated by some of the world’s most highly skilled and respected language translation and localization companies. GCBG brings together an alliance of localization resources and facilities, strategically located around the world. GCBG was born from the need of corporate businesses to obtain a global service that covers all time zones and all specializations.

Our members are market leaders in their own diverse locations – Kocarek (Germany), Lingua Technologies International (Singapore), Prolangs (Korea), NZTC (New Zealand) and Go Global Language Consulting (USA and Argentina).

With coverage in all continents of the world, GCBG will help you achieve international success.
Some of the GCBG features are: a multinational staff of more than 200 full-time employees, a global reach of more than 10,000 fully-qualified in-country linguistic resources, Project Management 24/7 support, over 20 million dollars turnover.

By combining the vast range of linguistic and technical skills and experience of its member companies, GCBG finds no language project beyond their capabilities no matter its nature, size and complexity.
Another advantage stems from being the kind of people we are – friendly and courteous, willing to work as partners, and always ready to go one step further to ensure our clients are happy and fully satisfied.
Clients value the quality and cost advantages of working with a company with firsthand intimate knowledge of the language and culture of the people they want to do business with.

Our partners:

Europe – Germany: +49 201 24 69 90-70

Established in 1976, Kocarek GmbH has come a long way since its humble beginning as a translation agency. Today, Kocarek GmbH is a full-serviced localization company committed to providing high quality translations certified under the international standard ISO 17100 for translation services and ISO 9001 for quality management. With its focus on growth and its readiness to adopt the latest translation technology into existing work processes, Kocarek GmbH has emerged as one of the leaders in its region and a company synonymous with quality and trustworthiness.

Asia – Singapore: +65 6576 0138

Lingua Technologies International, an ISO 17100:2015 certified translation company, is a major player in the translation and localization industry in Singapore and the South East Asia region. Founded in 1996 to provide top-tier multilingual translation services through a network of professionally trained native-speaking translators with subject matter expertise, through the years, the company has expanded to offer a comprehensive range of linguistic related services like multilingual desktop publishing, software, apps and website localization, multimedia localization and interpreting, etc.

Korea: +82 2 2102 3900

Prolangs Inc., a leading complete language service provider in Korea since 1988, is highly regarded both at home and abroad. With an ISO 9002 Certification awarded in 1998, Prolangs Inc. is known for its professional software localization services and solutions for foreign languages into Korean. By applying more than 20 years of accumulated technical know-how in software and language services, Prolangs proudly takes credit for making extensive contributions to the development of solution programs that perform real-time automatic translation of Internet communications. Prolangs is strategically positioned to assume its rightful place as the leader in the industry.

Australasia New Zealand: +64 4 801 4814; Australia: + 64 9 366 666

Established in 1985, NZTC International and AETS (Australian division) has for many years been acknowledged as the leading language translation provider in the South Pacific region. With well proven capacity to deliver high quality translation services, including localization in over 70 languages, the company has a large international client base. NZTC and AETS particularly prides itself on its knowledge and use of the latest available and best translation technologies and is the regional agent for the full range of SDL/Trados products. Apart from its translation expertise, the company is also famous for its own brand of friendly personal service.

Argentina: +54 11 4856 6300; United States: +1 541 632 3431

Go Global, founded in 2008 and with offices in Argentina and USA, offers language and communication solutions to local and global companies. It combines technical expertise and linguistic competency to deliver technically challenging and culturally appropriate solutions. Its main services are translation, localization and testing, multimedia localization, subtitling, interpretation and training.
As a customer-focused organization, Go Global has a unique, consultative approach to language solutions—one that anticipates customers’ needs and helps them to remain on the cutting edge of innovation.

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